Flohio Reveals Introspective And Slightly Unsettling "Cuddy Buddy" Video

Flohio Reveals Introspective And Slightly Unsettling "Cuddy Buddy" Video

June 10, 2022

Building on the solid foundations laid by the string of singles and EPs, as well as her incendiary No Panic, No Pain mixtape, South London's Flohio is now ready with her debut album. She's keeping details fairly close to her chest for now, but we do at least have visuals for the first single, "Cuddy Buddy".

A step away from some of her more moshpit-ready slammers, "Cuddy Buddy" catches Flo at her most vulnerable with a particularly mellow, piano-led instrumental from God Colony as her backing.

Speaking on the track itself, she shares: "Have you ever been at a point where you feel your energy being drained? Because that was me. I was at a stage where I felt my energy being drained and 'Cuddy Buddy' was me expressing how mentally tired I was. We captured the hook on the first day, but I wanted the verses to be impactful so I kept coming back to it months after."

Tune in to the Petr Simmons-directed video below to follow Flohio around a secluded spot as she faces up to everything that's weighing her down and finds the energy to keep going.

Words: James Keith
Photography: FKY