FLO Return With Energising "Walk Like This"

FLO Return With Energising "Walk Like This"

March 11, 2024

FLO have announced their return to the scene with new release "Walk Like This". The drop reminds anyone who has forgotten what FLO are capable of and why they're probably the foremost girl group in the UK right now.

Keeping it fierce and fun, Jorja, Stella, and Renée sound confident in themselves and safe in the knowledge that they've locked down a real one. Loaded with harmonies and beautiful stacked melodies, this is peak feel-good FLO.

Of the song, the trio share: "We made 'Walk Like This' with our frequent and loved collaborators MNEK, Kabba, Relyt, Talay Riley and Ashton Sellars. It was the end of 2023 and we wanted to create something sexy, still fun and upbeat and for the certified lover girl in us all. It's okay to admit a man's doing well from time to time! We hope it makes you feel confident, a bit naughty and adds that extra sway to your walk. It's full of energy, good vibes and we love it!"

"Walk Like This" is their first release since last summer's release of their 3 Of Us EP. Resisting the urge to flood the market, it's quality over quantity for the trio, and word has it there may even be an album on the way.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Instagram