FLO Put On For The "Fly Girls"  With Stunning Missy Elliott Collab

FLO Put On For The "Fly Girls" With Stunning Missy Elliott Collab

March 24, 2023

R&B trio FLO continue their march towards world domination with their new single "Fly Girl", featuring the legendary Missy Elliott. The girl group put on for the "Fly Girls" with the new track, the fun and bouncy single stacked with the melodies, harmonies, and elegant runs that FLO have become renowned for.

According to the girls, a "Fly Girl" is "the embodiment of strength, empowerment, attitude, and community. She/he/they/them are not shaped by what society deems beautiful or acceptable, but a member of an inclusive environment that accepts and embraces femininity in all its glory. We are hardworking, independent fly girls who get the job done, and have fun while doing it."

Produced by MNEK, LiTek, and WhyJay, the song's R&B golden era vibe carries through to its video. Director Tajana Tokyo has the trio enter the party and become the life of it as they strut their stuff.

Having defined the sound of '90s and 2000s hip-hop and R&B as both producer and rapper, Missy is obviously a looming influence on FLO. Bringing her trademark star presence and good energy, she finds an easy and natural synergy with the trio when she bursts into the track on the midway point.

After tweeting her co-sign of FLO some months ago, fans will be over the moon that the initial contact has resulted in a UK-US, cross-generational collab. Word has it, FLO are also determined to put out their debut album this year, so look out for that.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Conor Cunningham