Enny Draws A Line In The Sand On "Same Old"

Enny Draws A Line In The Sand On "Same Old"

March 17, 2021

Enny's rise over the past year has been meteoric, to put it mildly. The rapper isn't showing any signs of taking her foot of the gas either, and rightly so, releasing new single "Same Old".

Centred around a soulful production from Para, Joe Beard and Casper Miles, Enny addresses social ills including gentrification and Brexit, as well as the personal struggle of bottling up emotions. Elsewhere, the South East London rapper explores the heartache of unrequited love, and the mundane repetitiveness of her love interests, all delivered in smooth poetic flow. Try as you might to avoid these scenarios, you still find yourself in similar situations. Enny, however, is not going to let history repeat itself.

Speaking on the track, Enny says "There are so many beautiful moments and feelings attached to this track from the moment it was created and I hope that anyone that listens to it is able to experience that energy when they hear it".

We all look forward to Enny's artistic exploits going forward, but for now stream "Same Old" below.

Updated on March 29: the official video has now landed.

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Timo Spurr