Elf And Darkness Dial Up The Energy On Nostalgic "Bad Breed"

Elf And Darkness Dial Up The Energy On Nostalgic "Bad Breed"

September 06, 2021

Following on from "Text Me" back in April, Elf and Darkness reconnect once again for a bittersweet new track, "Bad Breed". Over a funky garage beat consisting of piano chords and choppy percussion, Elf details the gritty realities of growing up in London and wanting to strive for more despite his environment.

A time capsule of nostalgic references, Elf takes on a spin down memory lane with talk of the early days of grime and some popular playground trends. That's echoed in the production, which makes a massive nod to the old school garage tropes that are still so influential in today's music.

Speaking on the track, Elf shares: "'Bad Breed'' was one of the first beats Darkness made that I instantly connected to. It gave me a strong nostalgic feeling so I wanted to talk a lot about how I spent my time as a kid. I lived in 10 different areas before I moved to Lewisham so you can only imagine all the stories I have to tell from my childhood.

"On "Bad Breed'' I speak on how I first ever heard grime and started to get into music. I still remember being in primary school watching Channel U and just seeing these different rappers on the TV from all over the UK. At this point that was my first reference point of what a UK MC or Rapper looks and sounds like."

As they continue to churn out banger after banger, Elf and Darkness prove once again why their chemistry is unmatched. Spin "Bad Breed" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: @skateawaypictures