Life Goes On For Ego Ella May On Heartfelt "For The Both Of Us"

Life Goes On For Ego Ella May On Heartfelt "For The Both Of Us"

November 17, 2021

Fresh off her Fieldnotes EP, South London singer-songwriter Ego Ella May is back with another hazy offering of soul-soothing lyrics mixed with layers of experimental yet soulful jazz as she presents her new single "For The Both Of Us".

Ego's velvet vocals hover over the fuzzy, minimalist guitar strums as she reflects on how life goes on even after a breakup. She describes all the things she wants to do as she heals from this relationship, including meeting Gregory Porter and moving to Brighton.

"For The Both Of Us" explores the notion of overcoming the hole left by an absent loved one and using the pain to push you into chasing your dreams—another prime example of Ego's knack for stirring the soul with her pen.

Speaking on the self-produced track, Ego explains: ""For The Both Of Us" is a song about what happens after a romantic relationship ends. The dreams you held together, the plans you made… what do you do with it all? It's sad because not only does the relationship die, but so does your future life with that person.

When I wrote it I'd just been broken up with, and was thinking about all the things I would miss and all the things we wouldn't get to do anymore. I started off writing this on guitar and then worked with Shivum Sharma to add the strings and it turned into something really beautiful that I'm so proud of. I don't usually like to use the whole 'turn your heartbreak into something positive' but I'm glad I got a good song out of it!".

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Amy Shields