Enigmatic R&B Singer DWY Tries To Warn A "Latchkey" Kid About The Dangers Outside His Door

Enigmatic R&B Singer DWY Tries To Warn A "Latchkey" Kid About The Dangers Outside His Door

May 27, 2020

Florida-born, London-raised singer DWY has just arrived with "Latchkey", his first single of the year, and it's one of his most poignant yet.

Despite the soothing, fluttering vocals and the irreverent visuals (self-directed with Jesse Rose), "Latchkey" packs a powerful and tragic message. But your mama says, be careful of the shooter / When you black they want your future, he implores, all too aware of the dangers that lie outdoors.

DWY's music has always been deeply personal and therefore highly relatable, but given everything we've seen in the news lately about police brutality and racially-motivated calls to the police, his warning to a "Latchkey" kid whose life is about to be changed forever packs an even more heartbreaking punch.

Speaking on the video, DWY explained, "The visual for latchkey was inspired by the story of the character of the song. He was a lonely latchkey kid, his parents were never home, he was suffering depression and was looking for escapism. I then found this parallel with my own mental state in the beginning of the lockdown. I was feeling lonely, frustrated, isolated and needed an outlet, so I put our two stories together. His story ended sadder than mine, and what I really wanted to say is 'check on your friends, make sure they're good' because this kid was on the edge and nobody knew."

"Latchkey" is out now via WILDER, the singles label from Future Classic and Tom Windish.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Brandon Fuller