Dutchavelli Opens A Prosperous New Chapter With 'Dutch From The 5th'

Dutchavelli Opens A Prosperous New Chapter With 'Dutch From The 5th'

November 09, 2020

Dutchavelli has finally arrived with his long-awaited and much-hyped debut project Dutch From The 5th, adding yet another win to an already prosperous year for the rapper. Dutchavelli has been the talk of social media for a while, largely down to his husky voice and consistent ability to dismantle any beat that falls in his path.

Fans will be pleased to see that recent anthems "Bando Diaries", "Only If You Knew" and "Surely" all feature, as does the booming "Cool With Me" in collaboration with another man of the moment: M1llionz. Besides that, Dutch From The 5th is not a project heavy on A-list features, with Ray BLK and Fire jumping in for the remaining guest spots. MKThePlug, Big Zeeko, Rymez, The Fanatix and Chucks all jump on the buttons go give us a project that's rap-dominant but with drill leanings — although "Skr On Em" offers a more R&B-infused sound thanks to Ray's vocals. A mix of potent bars and his all-important gravelly delivery, Dutch From The 5th is the culmination of all of his achievements in 2020.

Closing the project with a heart-warming voice note on "Zero Zero", Dutch paints a vivid picture of the journey he's endured, while letting us know this is just the beginning.

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Theo Cottle