DJ Q Drops Off 'Est. 2003', His First Full-Length Album In Eight Years

DJ Q Drops Off 'Est. 2003', His First Full-Length Album In Eight Years

September 23, 2022

Hard as it is to believe, it was all the way back in 2014 that DJ Q released his debut album Ineffable via Local Action. Since then, we've had two mixtapes and a towering stack of singles and remixes, but it was only during lockdown that he decided to sit down and make a follow-up.

Now nearly two decades into his career, the new 14-tracker's a momentous one for a few reasons. First, it's a comprehensive cross-section of everything that defines his palette—rowdy bassline, fluttering melodies, whipcrack vocal chops, and bouncy 4x4 garage—it's all here. There's even a reference to an old Paleface classic tucked away in one of the tracks.

It's also stocked with collaborations, many of them personally significant to the Huddersfield producer. Labelmate and rave encyclopedia Finn joins him on "Speedy Gs", Todd Edwards spars with him on the light and melodic "Sweet Day", and iconic garage-loving singer Shola Ama shines on "I Can't Stay". Elsewhere, he teams up with Sharda for a charged-up slammer called "Heavy Like Lead", Star.One and Lily Mckenzie combine for the sweet and bouncy "Love Me Like", and there are no fewer than three appearances from his San Francisco-based collaborator Hans Glader.

A producer with a relentless work ethic, word has it there's plenty more where this came from, including some possible t q d bits on the horizon. Still, this is more than enough to gorge on in the meantime so take it all in below.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Louis Smyth