Digga D Issues A Sobering Warning To "Stay Inside"

Digga D Issues A Sobering Warning To "Stay Inside"

October 14, 2022

"Stay Inside" is Digga D's latest offering where he boldly depicts the reality of street life over a tailor-made F1ncha beat.

Over sombre piano layers and jittering percussions the West London native spits from a place of honesty about the life he leads, dropping words of advice along the way. With a two-minute runtime, there's more than enough room for Digga to lightly flex his pen game and his authentic storytelling.

He steps up to co-direct the visuals alongside Don Prod, with daylight shots of Digga at a protest and a funeral in the pouring rain. "Stay Inside" is just the latest in the growing list of drops we've had since his hotly-anticipated Noughty By Nature tape which arrived back in April.

Get into it below.