Deyah Launches A New Era With "Socials"

Deyah Launches A New Era With "Socials"

February 21, 2024

Deyah has kicked off her 2024 by dropping her new single, "Socials", turning the page on a new era in her career.

BeatsByElevated comes with a guitar-led instrumental that pulls emotion and introspection from Deyah, who opts for sung melodies rather than bars this time. Her vocals help to land her lyrics' sentiment and the focus on locking in and using her energy to pursue her dream.

Last year was an eventful one for Deyah who got married and became a mother but was also dropped by her management team. A mixed year to say the least, but what's key is that Deyah has evolved after that bump in the road and she's now surging ahead with plans for even more music this year.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Nirah Sanghani