South West Londoner Dexter Champions Self-Worth On Mood-Boosting "I Like Me"

South West Londoner Dexter Champions Self-Worth On Mood-Boosting "I Like Me"

July 08, 2021

Emerging singer-songwriter dexter is fast becoming one of the most exciting acts to rise from London. With her smooth combination of modern jazz, R&B and bedroom pop, the 18-year-old writes music to help listeners become their best selves. In her latest release, "I Like Me", she frees herself from unrealistic beauty standards and chooses to channel the message of self-worth.

Built over two twangy guitar chords and a smooth percussion section that rises and dips in texture, dexter lets loose through introspective lyricism and refreshing melodies. The single comes accompanied by a straightforward video, which keeps the focus mainly on her as she cruises in the backseat of a vintage car around London.

Speaking on the track's creation, she explains: "'I Like Me' is about me feeling like I have to be a certain way to make boys like me or to feel more 'like a girl'. I was inspired by a period of time in lockdown where I found myself trying to buy a bunch of clothes that would make me feel more feminine and girly, but I didn't even like half the stuff I was buying.

"I would like it to let listeners know that girls shouldn't have to act a certain way to feel like they are still feminine or worth people liking them and that it's cool to be both girly and not girly."

Since releasing her first track back in 2020, dexter continues to expand her musical palette, oscillating between hazy acoustic guitar reflections, seen in tracks like "Maybe The Problem Is Me" or "Same Way", and bouncy jazz-tinged tracks like "Blue Skies". However, the central element that we all love about her music is dexter's relatable and confessional songwriting style that lulls us into a brief daydream.

With an EP titled I Do Love A Good Sandwich on the way, there's more than enough time to sink into her lush collection of singles, starting with "I Like Me" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Lucy Hickling