The 'Defending Digga D' Documentary Is Now Available To Watch

The 'Defending Digga D' Documentary Is Now Available To Watch

November 25, 2020

A candid new documentary about Digga D, Defending Digga D, has now been made available to watch online. The new doc looks at Digga's life after being released from prison earlier this year and details some of the challenges he faces.

In 2018, Digga D was convicted of conspiracy to commit violent disorder and given what's known as a Criminal Behaviour Order (making him the first artist to be given one). The CBO put a limit on who he associates with, where he goes, and what he says in his music, with the purported aim being to reduce the chance of him reoffending.

However, besides preventing him from returning home to London and making him check in with probation every three hours, the CBO also controls and censors his art. As we see in the doc, the same music career that helped him escape his past life is now under threat.

Speaking with the BBC, Digga D said: "Jay-Z did what he did, and look where he is now. French Montana did what he did, you know what I'm saying? Biggie, 2Pac, all these rap legends – people have a past. It's just about moving away from it and having a positive future."

The hour-long documentary is out now on BBC Three and will be broadcast again on BBC One on November 27.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Elliot Hensford