Def Jam Arrives On UK Shores With 0207 Outpost

Def Jam Arrives On UK Shores With 0207 Outpost

November 26, 2020

World-renowned record label Def Jam have set sail across the Atlantic to launch 0207 Def Jam, extending their reach into the UK. With top global artists such as Beastie Boys, Run DMC and a whole host of rap legends on their books, Def Jam now seek to stamp their authority on British music.

Twins Alec and Alex Boateng, both with long and storied careers in music, will be co-presidents of the new label announced by Universal Music UK (Def Jam's worldwide distributors). The name '0207' comes from London's dialling code, although the new label is said to be a home for new talent across British shores. Also joining the team are Amy Tettey as managing director, Jacqueline Eyewe as marketing director and Char Grant as A&R director.

David Joseph, Universal Music UK Chairman and CEO, commented: "Bringing the Boateng brothers together at 0207 Def Jam is an important moment in British culture. Alec and Alex have always done things their own way with success always quick to follow. They have already assembled an exceptionally talented top team with a clear vision for this exciting new chapter in the history of one of the world's most famous labels."

Further details of the first 0207 Def Jam projects are yet to be confirmed, however it's fair to say exciting times lie ahead in 2021.

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Olivia Rose