Watch Deema Cut Loose In Carefree "Can I?" Visuals

Watch Deema Cut Loose In Carefree "Can I?" Visuals

May 04, 2021

Adding himself to the lengthy roll call of premium Lewisham exports, Deema is back with more cheeky flows and left-field beat choices as he presents his new single, "Can I?", which comes with production from frequent collaborator Dom Valentino.

Deema first rose to prominence as a member of The Square, but never quite got the chance to shine in the grime outfit. Since the group disbanded, Deema and his cohorts have struck out on very different musical paths; for Deema, that meant switching up his flow and diving into the rap world with a playful yet sharp-tongued sound.

On "Can I?" that translates to a tongue-in-cheek takedown of moochers, freeloaders and those 'friends' who come out of the word work when you get successful. Set against Valentino's bright and breezy instrumental (with just a hint of a jazz influence), it's perfect for the kind of crowded house parties we see in Zaineb Abelque's visuals at the bottom.

Speaking on the video, Deema explains: "For the video we just wanted to recreate the feeling of a busy gaff. It helped that everyone on set was quite young... and a bit drunk, but we all got along and enjoyed it. Most people hadn't been out for a while so it was nice to link up. We had a great director and DOP [Abelque and Jack Cullis] who I'm very grateful for as they had a load of friends pulling favours for little old me."

Words: James Keith