Debbie Picks Herself Up After Heartbreak On "It's Been A Week"

Debbie Picks Herself Up After Heartbreak On "It's Been A Week"

March 22, 2024

"It's Been A Week" is London singer Debbie's latest outing and it sees her directly confront her feelings a week after a breakup.

Those feelings are clear to see, especially on the hook, "I'm in the deep, fire and bleach, lonely. Left by the bathroom floor, trying to mend my soul", she sings in a pained vocal.

Produced by Jay Reynolds and Jordan Riley, the instrumental is emotionally charged enough by itself, that's before Debbie's detailing of her turbulent week.

Speaking on the record, Debbie shares: "I always wanted to experience romantic love growing up… I think it's because I was quite isolated and the only example of romance I had was TV and movies. Unfortunately, that led me to some dumb decisions, as I was kinda naive to the reality of finding "true love". "It's Been A Week" is a reflection (albeit a dramatic one) of pain and regret I was feeling with one particular lover. I was just expressing myself and escaping."

"It's Been A Week" adds to a discography that isn't yet extensive, but certainly doesn't lack for quality. A captivating vocalist and a brilliant songwriter, hopefully we get more from the artist soon.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Publicist