Debbie Eases Her Anxiety With A Glass Of Sweet "Cherry Wine"

Debbie Eases Her Anxiety With A Glass Of Sweet "Cherry Wine"

October 03, 2022

22-year-old singer-songwriter, Debbie is on a steady ascent with her soulful vocals delivering honest accounts of experiences in love, relationships and everything in its surrounding. Her latest cut "Cherry Wine" sees her grappling with social anxieties over a heavenly R&B soundscape.

Produced by Fred Ball, the instrumental dips in texture, centering Debbie's vocals amidst the sweet backing vocals from US artist Fridayy and glistening piano chords. Venna christens the track with his complementary saxophone licks while Debbie speaks on relying on cherry wine to ease her anxiety in social settings, hoping to alleviate the blockages to her real self.

"Sometimes I feel alone in a room full of people," she explains. "It's like the ultimate brain fog, and I can't seem to get past my mental block and just socialise. 'Cherry Wine' is me talking about how I can be awkward at times and need some dutch courage (aka cherry wine) in order to relax and get comfortable."

Since signing to 0207 Def Jam, Debbie made an impressive debut with "Is This Real Love?" and she has kept us engaged ever since. Take "Cherry Wine" for a spin below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Zack Melluish