Debbie & Berwyn Make A Bid For Freedom In "Cousin's Car" Visual

Debbie & Berwyn Make A Bid For Freedom In "Cousin's Car" Visual

December 02, 2022

Having recently laid some heavenly vocals down on Stormzy's superb album This Is What I Mean, 0207 Def Jam signee Debbie returns to the spotlight with a cure for our winter blues in the Berwyn-assisted "Cousin's Car".

Jojo Mukeza, Jonny Coffer and Jonny Lattimer are the brains behind the production that complements the soulful essence of both Debbie and Berwyn as their worlds collide on this contemplative offering. Their shared experience of feeling overwhelmed by life's troubles is the track's starting point, but just as they reach breaking point they decide to escape with a borrowed car.

Sharing her thoughts behind the track, Debbie writes: "'Cousin's Car' is all about escaping. Life can get really intense sometimes, and I like the idea of having the space to get away when and if needed."

Relta directs the cinematic visuals where Berwyn and Debbie hop in their "Cousin's Car" and wave goodbye to their worries on the road to brighter days. Check it out below.