DC Continues The Search For Inner Peace With "Tears, Sweat, Blood" Video

DC Continues The Search For Inner Peace With "Tears, Sweat, Blood" Video

July 29, 2020

South East London rapper DC continues to deliver masterclasses in lyrical excellence and on his new track "Tears, Sweat, Blood", he uses his lyrical ability to get even more personal. The audio dropped on Monday and now we've got some ultra-stylish visuals that switch between scenes of DC in a dark warehouse space juxtaposed against shots of the Greenwich rhymer in soft pastel colours beneath an impossibly blue sky.

No matter the instrumental or topic, DC always manages to touch a nerve when he raps. His lyrics connect with his listeners and his impactful delivery never fails to draw you in. As ever, DC refuses to compromise and "Tears, Sweat, Blood" is just another example of this, perfectly working his unique take on UK rap into the otherwise lighthearted production from frequent collaborator TobiShyBoy.

"'Tears, Sweat, Blood' is a song that's inspired by the overall grind and being on the end," DC said. "Regardless of what goes on in our lives, we still gotta keep focused on our goals and put everything into whatever we want to do. This one's another reflective one for me as I talk on some of the moments and situations I've been in and the effects it has had on me."

He added: "The video builds on the creative elements me and LX introduced in 'Neighbourhood' where fans were able to catch on to the double meaning; The Wire and orange couch reference. In 'TSB', I really wanted to represent the elements of our community that are quite damaged, but also the positives that still come from there, by performing behind broken glass."

Words: Jordan Lolomari
Photography: Lucero Glow