South East Londoner DC Shows Us Round His "Neighbourhood"

South East Londoner DC Shows Us Round His "Neighbourhood"

May 21, 2020

In spite of a meteoric rise that has seen him tipped by everyone from Stormzy to Radio 1, South East London's DC has done well to ignore all that and focus on his craft.

We first tipped him for greatness after his fuck-the-system anthem "Dock City" last year and it seems he's still wrestling with his relationship with the block that raised him. Featuring a garage-tinted production from TSB, his new single "Neighbourhood" delves deeper into those complex feelings, speaking candidly about some of the challenges he's faced and how the odds are stacked against him and the people around him.

The Dirlx visuals frame DC in candid, home video-style footage as he takes us around the block that raised him with an honest, warts-and-all look.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Lucero Glow