Dave, Central Cee Combine Their Hit-Making Powers On "Sprinter"

Dave, Central Cee Combine Their Hit-Making Powers On "Sprinter"

June 02, 2023

A link-up between Central Cee and Dave is likely to be the biggest UK rap collaboration in any year. They're both juggernauts in the game and yesterday they joined forces on the smooth, "Sprinter". The two acts both glide on the track which is composed of a mariachi guitar riff, Baile funk drum patterns, and a subtle Jim Legxacy contribution.

Co-produced by Santan himself with Jonny Leslie and Jo Caleb, Cench and Dave fall into an easy pocket, flowing comfortably and flexing audaciously. With a hook that runs seamlessly into their verses, they treat the nearly four minutes of instrumental as a stunting exercise, spitting casually about the lavish living of their superstar rap status.

The aesthetic of the video for "Sprinter" matches the vibe of the track—no one is caught doing the most or exerting too much energy, yet the yachts, cars, and lady friends speak to the status and level of luxury that Dave and Cench are intent on flaunting. Expect to hear this all summer and for "Sprinter" quotes to dominate Instagram captions for weeks to come.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Andrew Timms