Elf And Darkness Join Forces On Sweet-Talking "Text Me"

Elf And Darkness Join Forces On Sweet-Talking "Text Me"

April 14, 2021

It's well overdue, but Lewisham's golden boy Elf — who previously went by Elf Kid — is back in the game. One of grime's most promised, who emerged at the peak of the sound's resurgence, his collaboration with Newham producer Darkness on new single "Text Me" has him sounding a matured and poised version of himself.

Despite his brief disappearance, his return with last October's "ZDot Freestyle" for The Grime Report showed us his knack for cheeky wordplay and power-pumped flows are still intact. One for the ladies, Elf's endearing words add a surprising sweetness to Darkness' gritty, drill-influenced riddim.

Talking about the new track, Elf explained: "It was more about linking a girl I care about and hoping she would text me when she got home after we spent time together.

"The conversation on protecting women just opened my eyes a little bit more on how women feel about travelling at any time, anywhere and not feeling safe. Us men have to be much more understanding in how to act and move around women in general. I think 'Text Me' is a worldwide banger, it's dedicated to all the women we care about in our lives."

Words: Melissa Kasule
Photography: Alastair Uhlig