Dapz On The Map Announces Debut Album With "Give Thanks"

Dapz On The Map Announces Debut Album With "Give Thanks"

September 28, 2022

Birmingham artist Dapz On The Map counts his blessings in his latest single "Give Thanks" which also features on the official FIFA 23 soundtrack.

For the instrumental, he reconnects with longtime collaborator Swifta Beater who hands over an ominous beat suitable for Dapz's precise flows. Fronting a range of cadences, he reflects on a couple wins in his life and career, giving himself the flowers he deserves for the work he's put in over the years. It's an empowering cut that encourages listeners to applaud themselves for every win, big or small.

"'Give Thanks' stems from the gratitude I have for my position in the game," Dapz says of the track. "Over the years I've seen peers lose their position, due to bad decisions and inconsistency. After being approached to work on a project for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, it gave me a sense of relief and pride knowing that I'm still regarded as an artist to represent my city. I had to give thanks knowing what that did for me and my family."

Hit play on Ephraim Blessed's visuals below to see Dapz perform in a few intimate settings including a photo studio where he's styled in an Arsenal kit.