D Double E & Novelist Celebrate The DIY Era With "Pace" Visuals

D Double E & Novelist Celebrate The DIY Era With "Pace" Visuals

September 16, 2022

Back in July, D Double E released the exceptionally well-crafted Bluku Bluku EP2, and now he returns to the Novelist-assisted "Pace", connecting with directors George William Vicary and Tayler Prince-Fraser for a nostalgia-ridden video.

Its murky green colour palette and glitchy CCTV effects create a vintage feel to the visuals, hurling us back to the days of one-mic cyphers and homemade Channel U videos. The directors experiment with a number of steady transitions, capturing clean shots of the pair devouring their bars.

Speaking on the video's concept, George William Vicary shares: "Pace was a journey back in time for us; an ode to the Channel U and early SBTV videos we grew up on. We referenced clashes and cyphers with chaotic camera movement and slowed high-octane moments to engage with that energy that the artists feel in that moment. We wanted the grit but with a modern twist on the Youtube grime freestyle. The aim was to keep to the roots, stay raw and organic to the feel of the production and lyrics."

D Double E once again immortalises the true essence of grime, giving us earfuls of straight-talking bars in the process. Tune in to "Pace" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Alistair McVeigh