D Double E Looks Back On 2019 With Irreverent "Fresh N Clean" Remix

D Double E Looks Back On 2019 With Irreverent "Fresh N Clean" Remix

December 19, 2019

As we limp towards the end of the year, skint and dishevelled, it's time we looked back on a year that was great for music but a total skip fire in every other sense. While you go through our retrospective celebration of black music's many triumphs, D Double E's put together a round-up of his own, remixing "Fresh & Clean" in the process, with the topics selected by Radio 1 listeners.

Let's be real here: "Fresh & Clean" is the Christmas song this year, so revisiting the track was a risky idea, especially since it became such a runaway success, but this quick-witted breakdown of the last 12 months is the perfect sequel.

Star.One's instrumental remains, but the bars about dirty mirrors and shabby carpets have been swapped out in favour of a roll-call of the year's winners and losers. Among those, Greta Thunberg, Stormzy, Top Boy, Colleen Rooney, John Bercow, Game Of Thrones and Anthony Joshua all get glowing reviews, while Machiavellian Rebekah Vardy and pencil thief Camila Cabello (this was recorded before her racist Tumblr was discovered) are reminded that online, you've got to be moving smartly.

Wise words, Dee.

Words: James Keith