Coventry Grime MC Skatta Steps Into The Ring For "Shut Down"

Coventry Grime MC Skatta Steps Into The Ring For "Shut Down"

March 30, 2020

Taken from his recent Fight Night Flows EP, Coventry MC Skatta has just shared the visuals for project highlight "Shut Down".

Produced by DJ K-Dubz, Skatta rips apart the instrumental's hypnotic, grimey synths with some with quotables like Twist of tongue, they ain't ready for the wording / They ain't ready for the wordplay, laying waste to the competition, or as he puts it, We cleaned up like detergent.

The visuals bring the themes of his EP to life, following him as he steps into a boxing gym while spitting rhymes that add the introspective tone of rap to his self-assured grime delivery. The MC has obviously used these experiences to translate his passion into success in the music game, and with his tireless work-rate we can only expect more greatness from the Midlands-based MC.

Speaking on his journey so far and his plans for the rest of the year, Skatta said: "I've learnt and experienced a lot on my 10-plus year journey in music — I consider myself a motivational artist. I've achieved two award nominations, performing my music on tour as much as possible, so I'm constantly connecting with new people, and I'm in the final stages of finishing my new album Cinema Ticket, which I've spent the past three years in the studio making it perfect."