Clavish Sets His Sights On Stardom With Potent 'Rap Game Awful' Mixtape

Clavish Sets His Sights On Stardom With Potent 'Rap Game Awful' Mixtape

January 16, 2023

Within a short space of time, London rapper Clavish has already cemented himself as an essential figure in the UK rap space with releases like "Sold Out Dates", "Fashion Week Freestyle" and most importantly his 2022 EP. If you weren't convinced of his talent before, his first full-length tape Rap Game Awful will erase all of those doubts.

The tape features a few previously released gems, such as the icy teaser "Greece", "Rocket Science" featuring D-Block Europe, "Public Figure" and "Traumatised"; all of which fit perfectly into the overarching narratives of crime, betrayal, relationships, and road life. Throughout the entire tape, his stark commentary on those themes is softened by his calm flows and nonchalant delivery while he treads over ominous synths and deep subs.

There's a strong team of producers that must take credit for the tape's impeccable soundscape including M1OnTheBeat, Kyle Evans, Hargo, R14, HazeyJustLanded, The Fanatix, Two Inch Punch, HD Beatz, and plenty of other contributors. As for guest artists, he's invited Tiggs Da Author, Frosty, Kaash Paige, Rimzee, Tiny Boost, Youngs Teflon, Kirky, MoStack, Teeway, Jordan, and Fredo, while still managing to save plenty of room for some solo mic work.

The quality of barring and production remains consistent across the tape but there are a few standout moments that deserve a shout-out like "22 Missed Calls", "Ages Ago", "Can't Style Me" featuring MoStack, and "Rap Game Intro". If the rap game's awful then Clavish is here to set things straight with this 28-track creation. Tune in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Haruki