Chy Cartier Presses Ahead With Her Mission On New Drop "04"

Chy Cartier Presses Ahead With Her Mission On New Drop "04"

July 03, 2024

Chy Cartier has just released her new single, "04", reminding us once again that she's in a lane all of her own.

Here, the ascendant MC gives us a look behind the curtain, diving into the tumultuous twists and turns she navigated to get where she is today. Flaunting her distinctive rhyme style, she lays out her stratospheric aspirations.

Speaking on "04", Chy has said that the track "is named after my birth year, 2004. In the song, I acknowledge that this is just a glimpse of my story, knowing that listeners are eager to hear more. I briefly touch on the chaotic journey it took to achieve this calm, like sitting behind a chauffeur, illustrating that the path to success is anything but straightforward—it's very colourful. As I say, 'all the times in the rain, that's how my flowers came.' The chorus emphasizes that in life, actions speak louder than words and will take you further."

Just as she did on her runaway viral smash, "Bossed Up", Chy's new drop makes an impression you won't forget in a hurry. Hit play on "04" below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Publicist