Chunky Makes His Presence Felt With Debut Album 'Somebody's Child'

Chunky Makes His Presence Felt With Debut Album 'Somebody's Child'

March 06, 2023

Manchester's Chunky has announced himself as a jewel in Manchester's already shining crown with the drop of his debut album, Somebody's Son. The 11 tracks span 36 minutes and only sparingly uses features, calling only on Rolla, Not4Many, and Jermaine Peterson for cameos.

Chunky has more than enough to say to carry the album, embarking on an introspective dive through his inner workings, which he sets against a backdrop of deconstructed grime and rap, fused with a variety of Afro-diasporic sounds. "Dancin' On Tables", for example, introduces a dancehall flavour to proceedings while the sparse "Spare The Rod" closes the album with a collage of gospel vocals in a touching tribute to Chunky's Zimbabwean roots.

The potency of his lyrics and the range of production styles on Somebody's Son showcase his skills as both an MC and a producer—but most of all it makes for a gripping listen.

In celebration of the release, Chunky will be throwing a launch party in Manchester's Mint Lounge on March 10. Whether or not you're lucky enough to be on the guestlist, you can take in the new album below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Eisa Bakos