Chrissi Exudes Self-Confidence On Body Positive Track "Lipo"

Chrissi Exudes Self-Confidence On Body Positive Track "Lipo"

August 08, 2022

Last year, Essex-raised singer-songwriter, Chrissi, delivered her emotionally-charged debut project Back In The Day, which she now follows up with another candid moment on new track "Lipo".

Over a driving drum pattern and sweet-toned guitars from Gaetan Jugg, Chrissi takes a negative situation and flips it into a moment of genuine self-love and appreciation. Through her honeyed vocals she crushes the male expectations of women's appearances; although she sarcastically wonders whether she should change herself to fit the mould, she is empowered in the decision to just be herself.

"I wrote 'Lipo' because I was upset with a guy who's sexualised me and then decided he couldn't be with me because he didn't want his friends to know what he's into" explains Chrissi. "Everyone has to kiss a few frogs I suppose. Made a banger out of it though!"

Directed by Denisha Anderson, Chrissi finds comfort with a group of friends who she confides in while switching between a number of stylish outfits.