Chrissi's 'Back In The Day' EP Is An Uninhibited Show Of Intimacy

Chrissi's 'Back In The Day' EP Is An Uninhibited Show Of Intimacy

November 19, 2021

Ascending singer-songwriter Chrissi debuts her emotionally potent EP titled Back In The Day along with visuals to the track "Tracksuit". Since arriving in September with the title track she continues to intimately explore the spectrum of our emotions relating to love and relationships over alternative R&B soundscapes.

Produced by Detonate, Mcknasty and award-winning artist BERWYN, Back In The Day spills with stories that often feel all-too familiar, highlighting Chrissi's stream-of-consciousness penmanship. With each track melting into the other, there are no shortcomings across the project and "Tracksuit" is the second song to arrive with a music video.

Music journalist and editor Natty Kasambala makes her directorial debut with this one, bringing Chrissi's narrative to life. The opening scene captures Chrissi laying beside her lover who we soon realise has his mind and attention elsewhere. She details the qualms of falling for an unavailable partner and coming to terms with that pit of disappointment.

"I really loved that the track was centred around this dramatic and candid romantic fantasy which is something I think we can all relate to whether we can admit it or not," explains Kasmambala. "And so I wanted to explore how far our imagination can actually take us, what happens when we insert ourselves into someone else's reality and everything blurs—the dangers of emotional third-wheeling. I think there's a lot of vulnerability and humour within that that also exists within all of Chrissi's art so I wanted to strike a balance of that within the visual too.

"It's been a total trip sitting in the director's seat for the first time with this video but I couldn't have imagined a better fit in terms of the human story, an incredible track and such an exciting, refreshing and talented new artist as Chrissi—and someone who loves love in all its forms and messiness just as much as me!"

Speaking on the EP itself, Chrissi shares: "I wrote these songs before I knew a lot about myself. When I listen, I hear a desperation for love or an idea of love, whether the mood is really beautiful and poetic, like in Back In The Day, or cattier, like in 'Tracksuit'. I think the songs on the EP are for people who cry about people they've never even dated or been in a relationship with. The not real situations that we feel real emotions about, which I think is a universal experience."

Hit play on the new video below and then get into the EP at the bottom.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Instagram