Chimpo Pens A Love Letter To Manchester's D&B And Hip-Hop Scenes On 'Outside'

Chimpo Pens A Love Letter To Manchester's D&B And Hip-Hop Scenes On 'Outside'

July 19, 2021

Just over a year on from HIA, Manchester's Chimpo is back with his brand new album, fittingly titled Outside. The intervening months have been non-stop for the DJ, producer and MC, banging out a string of singles, a remix companion for HIA, and the unbelievably luxurious four-tracker Maison Binga-Chimpoix Présente: Ultra Luxe with regular collaborator Sam Binga.

Outside continues that collaborative streak, calling on a roll call of some of the North West's best and brightest for a free-wheeling joyride through Chimpo's patchwork of influences, focusing primarily on his love of hip-hop and drum & bass.

Slay, who featured on both Ultra Luxe and HIA, joins Chimpo for a light and breezy back-and-forth on "Good Day". Elsewhere, DRS and Strategy from Broke 'N' English (which also featured a pre-Children Of Zeus Konny Kon) also make scene-stealing appearances on "Hopeful" and "Find A Way", respectively.

On "Find A Way", emerging singer Sâlo (also an accomplished DJ and producer) is called in to add a touch of melody to the tough-talking bars and slick production from local veterans Strategy and Rolla. Later, she makes an equally stellar appearance on the previously-revealed charmer "Keep U Round". Another of Chimpo's long-time allies, Chunky adds a soulful flourish to the bouncy title track, and local legend and D&B icon Trigga summons the spirit of Manchester's long history of soundsystem culture.

Finally, on album closer "The Now", he connects with Abnormal Sleepz and D&B singer/producer Nia Archives to round things off with a fluid mix of liquid D&B, R&B, jungle and rap. If you're looking for an entry point into Manchester's thriving and completely unique rap/D&B scenes, here's your first port of call.

Words: James Keith
Photography: @f_13iizm