Chiedu Oraka Dreams Big With His "Mark Morrison Swag"

Chiedu Oraka Dreams Big With His "Mark Morrison Swag"

September 20, 2022

Yorkshire rhymer Chiedu Oraka shares his liberating new single, "Mark Morrison Swag", channelling the iconic British R&B singer.

Chiedu is known for spitting on important topics in his music but through an uplifting lens, which he does exceptionally well on this new joint. Produced by Riddle, the beat is bright and layered with sweet melodies in contrast to Chiedu's steady rapping style. Planting gems like "Far from perfect but I've got a large heart" on us, he encourages listeners to walk with pride no matter their circumstances.

The visuals by Benny J. Smith see Chiedu demonstrate this ethos with style and swag. Although he's restricted in handcuffs—a nod to the artwork for Morrison's hit single—he's walking the streets of Yorkshire with a sense of freedom as onlookers cheer him on.

Speaking on the video and the imagery he uses, Chiedu explains: "Mark Morrison was definitely one of the most eye-catching artists of the '90s era. My guy was known for performing with a set of handcuffs. He was basically saying to the system, 'I'm a free man now, watch me shine'. That was the inspiration behind the video. I wanted to pay homage to Mark but also promote my own message too. That there are no shackles on my feet when it comes to my creativity."

"Mark Morrison Swag" is a timely follow-up to Chiedu's Council Estate Confidence, which he recently revisited with some visuals to "Wavey".

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Richard Bartle