Birmingham Singer-Songwriter Chido Mya Continues Her Rise With "Surreal"

Birmingham Singer-Songwriter Chido Mya Continues Her Rise With "Surreal"

November 11, 2020

Already two years into her career and with an album, an EP and a bag of singles under her belt, 17-year-old artist Chido Mya is back with her latest single, "Surreal". Exploring her vision for the ideal relationship, her tone is ethereal and gentle in nature. The guitar strings laid out by producer Myles Jacob add a warm touch that combine well with Chido Mya's voice to create a blissful vibe.

The Birmingham-born and raised artist has cited the likes of NAO, Jorja Smith and Mahalia as her influences, but her distinctive voice creates a sound all her own and she looks set to make a big impact in the R&B-pop space all 2021.

Chido Mya shares: "Though it's not based on a true story, 'Surreal' is based on my idea of how an ideal relationship should be. The idea of opening up to each other, filling voids within each other's lives and being able to share past and present pain." The visuals are distorted in ways that convey a dreamy aesthetic, forcing us to separate fact from fiction as she ends by wondering maybe I am dreaming instead.

Enter Chido Mya's ethereal world via the visuals below.

Words: Ian Opolot