Che Lingo Announces New Album 'Coming Up For Air' With Smooth Yet Tense "Out The Blue"

Che Lingo Announces New Album 'Coming Up For Air' With Smooth Yet Tense "Out The Blue"

March 01, 2023

By the sounds of things, the last few months have been transformative for Che Lingo.

He's had some euphoric highs and devastating lows, but it's all led him to where he is today as he prepares for the release of his new album, Coming Up For Air. Having announced the new album earlier today, debut The Worst Generation, he's also dropped off his new single "Out The Blue".

But it's not just his life that's changed, the music itself is evolving. In January, he surprised us all when he sampled Queen for "My Radio", even collaborating with drummer Roger Taylor for the finished piece. Produced by MikesPro with additional production from Manon Dave and Plamen Vasilev, "Out The Blue" is just as different from the Che of old, pushing a much lighter, more melodic sound to supplement his nimble rhyming style.

For the video, director Reece Selvadorai captures the themes of tension and struggle by submerging Che in a deep body of water, only letting him come up for air to knock out his lightning bolt bars on the verses.

What the rest of the album could bring is anyone's guess, but Che had this to say about what went into it: "Coming Up For Air is an intimate and personal look at myself and the people like me who find it hard to see themselves sometimes. It's for the moments you hate your job, or you're emotionally exhausted, finding it hard to see what makes you valuable. It's a place to get lost and escape and remember what and who you value within your life and purpose.

"I've had a number of months to sit with myself and unpack a lot of things, some of which I'm still exploring (or battling) after experiencing losing family members, sustaining terrible injuries, distancing from friends and relationship struggles, money issues, even an eating disorder. The CUFA album in my own way is to let people know that they aren't alone in these trails."

Ahead of the album's release on April 6, press play on the "Out The Blue" video below.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Alex Piper