Che Lingo Has A Few "Big Doubts" To Get Off His Chest

Che Lingo Has A Few "Big Doubts" To Get Off His Chest

August 12, 2019

With two singles and an album already under his belt for 2019, Che Lingo is back with a brand new drop, "Big Doubts", in which the rapper expresses his concerns about the industry, his career, and the state of the rap game in 2019.

Produced by Danny Smithers, "Big Doubts" comes with a Gerssis David-directed video of Che in a gallery, surrounded by paintings of himself while he gets all his worries off his chest. Despite the high energy of this one, there's a real introspective quality as Che delves deep into his own psyche, addressing fears others might avoid facing up to.

In a post on Instagram, Che Lingo explained that "fear of not being valued is something all artists go through. Not selling enough, not connecting enough, not having enough exposure, not getting enough support, every single time you drop a piece of art... it's draining, and very, very easy to get caught up in other people's opinions. But what’s more important is that you paint those BIG DOUBTS into your bigger picture when you realise how to show them what a masterpiece is worth."

Words: James Keith
Photography: Gerssis David