Central Cee Speaks From The Heart On New Track "Let Go"

Central Cee Speaks From The Heart On New Track "Let Go"

December 16, 2022

Central Cee rounds up another spectacular year with the emotive offering "Let Go", arriving after his provocative summertime anthem "Doja", the EP No More Leaks and the magnificent 23 tape that featured popular tracks like "Ungrateful", "Retail Therapy", "Eurovision" and so on.

Producer Nastylgia flips the 2012 hit "Let Her Go" from the British singer-songwriter Passenger while Cench fits the lyrics to portray his distressing experiences with love and betrayal. There's a softness to his delivery—a rare occurrence for the Shepherd's Bush native—but he takes the time to work through his heartbreak, channeling all of his emotions into this three-minute offering.

He connects with Kunography for a spontaneous shoot which shows him sailing through the tough breakup with support from his tribe as well as important solo reflection time. Take it in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Walid Labri