Casnova Offloads Video For "Ricky Hatton" With Bawo And KAM-BU

Casnova Offloads Video For "Ricky Hatton" With Bawo And KAM-BU

February 09, 2024

Casnova is still riding high off the release of last year's Alignment EP. The seven-track project expertly blended UKG and alternative rap and now he's given us a video for standout track "Ricky Hatton", featuring Bawo and KAM-BU.

Casnova's glitzy, garage-tinged production couldn't have gone to a better duo; Bawo delivers a contagious hook that gives way to KAM-BU's direct verses. Together, the three form a natural chemistry on the track that will burrow into your ear and stay in your head for hours.

The video is directed by Difty, who has Casnova training as he were Hatton himself, while Bawo drops his hook in a boxing gym and Kam-Bu rides passenger in a classic car. Speaking on the video, Casnova shares: "After having so much fun making the track and it being a fan favourite, only felt right to finish off the EP with a video for it including all of us. Difty (director) was able to create a visual for what the track stood for and represent us all as artists at the same time by setting it where we're all from."

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Publicist