CASisDEAD Continues His Sinister Run With "Boys Will Be Boys"

CASisDEAD Continues His Sinister Run With "Boys Will Be Boys"

November 08, 2021

It's official. "Park Assist", released back in September, was not a one-off, but the beginning of something big for the mysterious CASisDEAD.

Today the video for his latest track, "Boys Will Be Boys", was released out into the world, presented as a trailer-meets-BTS footage for a fictional movie of the same name.

Directed once again by Ed Skrein (who lent his guiding hand to the recent "Park Assist"), the video follows real-life actor Emma Rigby as fictional actor Megan Madsen (with a cameo from Connie Constance) as she navigates the toxic world of movie stardom, her optimism fading as she becomes increasingly aware of the industry's seedy underbelly.

Production for this one comes from Felix Joseph and it continues the '80s synth hallmarks of a lot of Cas' recent tracks, but with a heavy funk bass line to give it some extra body.

It's not clear exactly what the long-term plan is right now, but between the content streaming on the site and the tongue-in-cheek dystopia being pushed on his socials, it's clear something is coming and it's probably going to be pretty bleak.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Cosmo Webber