Cashh Remains Defiant As He Lays Out His Life Story On "Trench Baby"

Cashh Remains Defiant As He Lays Out His Life Story On "Trench Baby"

April 08, 2020

Obviously, we had to tell you about this one.

Since returning to the UK after a five-year absence, Cashh hasn't taken his foot of the pedal as he continues to deliver. Reflecting on his life, the rapper has always been able to use his music to paint pictures and commentate on his life and if you were listening to him from the start of his career, when you dissect "Trench Baby" you can see just how far he's come.

This latest track captures a maturity beyond Cashh's years as he displays his storytelling ability over a reflective Deanyboy instrumental. The raw emotion in the Peckham-raised artist's voice sends tingles down our spines as he gives us an insight to into his time spent on the streets of South London whilst also discussing his time spent in Jamaica after being deported. He also talks about his relationships with his family and, despite acknowledging the struggles that come from his environment he was raised in, he takes pride in being a "Trench Baby".

Kevin Hudson directs the video using personal photos and videos from Cashh's life to bring to life the vivid imagery in his lyrics. A crucial part of the video also shows Cashh flicking up a lighter in the darkness to symbolise his emergence from his struggles. It's not common for someone of Cashh age to have such a wide amount of life experience, and the way he pours these experiences into his art is testament to his character.

The track has gone viral thanks to the #TrenchBaby challenge, after Cashh made the instrumental available on YouTube for people to rap about their stories; Kojey Radical, Trillary Banks and Double S have all taken part. Watch the video for "Trench Baby" below.

Words: Jordan Lolomari
Photography: Abbx