Carns Hill And S Loud Form A Tough Yet Melodic Alliance On 'Pyrex Stories'

Carns Hill And S Loud Form A Tough Yet Melodic Alliance On 'Pyrex Stories'

February 05, 2020

One of UK drill's main architects, Carns Hill is back with a big new project he's created in collaboration with S Loud, a rapper who's becoming increasingly renowned after a stellar Mad About Bars session and an impressive winning streak in the studio.

The new seven-tracker, Pyrex Stories, originally started life as a one-off recording session, but quickly grew into something much larger. It's no surprise the pair wanted to keep working together: their chemistry is palpable from start to finish.

S Loud's unique, autotune-soaked vocals are just the first of many surprises on Pyrex Stories. Two more unexpected moments come courtesy of 67's Monkey and Dimzy, who also offer up something a little different, switching up their flows to match Carns' choppy, futuristic beats.

Carns has become famous for his minimalist drill sound, but Pyrex Stories is a more melodic outing, mixing in hints of gospel and injecting melody and soul into his usually dark sound. While both rapper and producer have cemented signature sounds in recent years, Pyrex Stories takes them both out of their comfort zones and dispels any accusation that either of them have become pigeonholed.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Jordan Tyrell