DJ Cable Calls On Robin Thirdfloor To Fuse Grime, Funky And Gqom On "Ungasabi"

DJ Cable Calls On Robin Thirdfloor To Fuse Grime, Funky And Gqom On "Ungasabi"

April 12, 2021

Gqom has been making its presence felt in the UK for some time now and it's increasingly weaving itself into the fabric of homegrown club sounds. Case in point, the new single from Rinse resident DJ Cable and South African vocalist Robin Thirdfloor, "Ungasabi".

Taking the thunder of heavyweight grime and fusing it with a drum pattern that sits in the sweet spot between gqom and UK funky percussion, "Ungasabi" is a riot of dancefloor energy.

Speaking on how the collab happened, DJ Cable explained: "I got introduced to Robin's music via a mutual friend, and just had to reach out to him. I'm a massive fan of gqom so I sent over my UK take on the genre, whilst bringing my love of UK funky and grime into the production process. He got the vibe and the result is this!"

"The song is about not being fearful," Robin adds. "I touch on various references which emphasise that I'm not scared of any rapper in the game and I am not scared of any unfavourable situation I come across. The song is a power statement, on the chorus I rap 'Abasiyeke senze lento ngenkani ungasabi' — let them allow us do this by force don't fear. I continue to rap 'ithina abenzi bezinto', which means 'we are the ones who make big moves'."

Words: James Keith
Photography: David Hinga