Burial Returns With 12-Minute Rave Odyssey "Chemz"

Burial Returns With 12-Minute Rave Odyssey "Chemz"

December 21, 2020

Known for his atmospheric dissections of classic rave tropes, Burial is back with something a little different. "Chemz" dives headlong into the realms of jungle and hardcore with a warped, pitched-up vocal and lots of snarling breaks.

As is customary with Burial, it's still far from a straight-forward banger; a highly detailed production with plenty of atmospherics and brooding textures, "Chemz" is a twisting, turning trip across the dancefloor with plenty to keep you on your toes.

"Chemz" will get an official release alongside a track called "Dolphinz" via Hyperdub on February 28 (with a physical version following in April). Pre-order here.

Words: James Keith