Burial Experiments With Abstract Textures On Dreamlike 'Antidawn' EP

Burial Experiments With Abstract Textures On Dreamlike 'Antidawn' EP

January 10, 2022

Antidawn is the latest offering from South London soundscape artist Burial. This project propels his natural evolution from his era of transportive rave-informed creations like 2020's "Chemz" or the unearthly "Pre Dawn" to now exploring a delicately stripped back and eerie space.

Clocking in at 43 minutes across five tracks, we are in for a deeply meditative listening experience as we step into Burial's imaginative world. Cyborg-like vocal samples and distant lo-fi crackles fill up moments of intentional silence as imagery of space floods the listener's mind. At times Antidawn travels into sinister territories, with it's sharp electronics, but glimmers of light and resolution can be found shortly after, specifically on tracks like "Shadow Paradise".

The new project is both dark and comforting at the same time; through Burial's boundless use of instrumentation and chopped up phrases embedded within the project, he pieces together vivid yet fragmented narratives that reflect love and isolation. Sink in below.