Bree Runway Rings In The Summer With "Hot Hot"

Bree Runway Rings In The Summer With "Hot Hot"

April 01, 2021

Clearly hellbent on surpassing a massive 2020 that saw her drop her anthem-filled debut project 2000AND4EVA and link up with her hero Missy Elliott, Bree Runway is back with a bang on "Hot Hot".

We're barely into April and it's already been a massive year for Bree, covering two magazines and being called on by Rihanna to be part of her Savage Fenty campaign. If this new single — produced by Moon Willis — is anything to go by then she'll have no trouble outdoing last year's triumphs.

Sharing her thoughts on the new video, Bree said: "I feel like this is the song everyone needs to hear as it gets hotter and the world eases up. This pandemic hasn't been easy on the brain, and with being indoors wearing joggers 24/7, it's been hard to feel like a hottie, so I'm hoping this track will help!

"Typically for me, it's about reaffirming your power and believing in yourself cause 'you can never do it like a Brenda'. I want my fans to never feel afraid to hype themselves up, they're the shit and they don't need to wait for anybody to tell 'em they are!"

Hit play on the suitably larger-than-life visuals from Jocelyn Anquetil to see Bree and her dancers lead us all out of the chaos and into happier times.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Lucero Glow