Bree Runway And Maliibu Miitch Profess Their Love For The Finer Things In Life On "Gucci"

Bree Runway And Maliibu Miitch Profess Their Love For The Finer Things In Life On "Gucci"

July 27, 2020

Hackney's Bree Runway has got co-signs from artists such as Missy Elliot and Kehlani over the years, and on her new sizzling track "Gucci", she proves the hype is most certainly warranted.

Brimming with elegance, on "Gucci", Bree puts her personality on display and professes her love for high fashion and the finer things in life. Assisted by some tough-talking bars from smoky-voiced rapper Maliibu Miitch, Bree effortlessly rides Moon Willis' production with the boldness of a seasoned pop star and her presence couldn't be any greater. Let's be clear: Bree Runway has arrived.

Bringing Bree's unique artistic vision to life, director Tash Tung uses a range of surreal and futuristic effects to put Bree in the spotlight, at one point even encasing her in a diamond — a reminder that this pop star's self worth is at an all-time high.

"As a young Black woman," Bree says, "I definitely felt like I was living through various pandemics during the pandemic. From COVID-19 to the global outrage of George Floyd's death and having race at the world's forefront louder than ever, being bombarded with footage of my people being constantly mishandled through the protests and even more police brutality incidents, it was all so overwhelming."

She added: "Being Black is a joy and my biggest blessing, but during this time I've been heavily reminded of the pain, the lack of privilege and trauma attached to my complexion, so much that I almost forgot myself. So, I decided that 'Bree will continue to be Bree, her Black and excellent self.' Instead of focusing on the pain, I chose to be excellent and luxurious. I chose to adore my skin and celebrate my African features, and to ooze opulence. I'm a special diamond, and although sometimes the world wants to rob me of that perception, I refuse to forget, and I hope everyone listening and watching feels and channels that energy. We're special. Don't you ever forget."

Words: Jordan Lolomari
Photography: Tash Tung