'Blue Story' Has Been Wrongfully Pulled From Two Large Cinema Chains

'Blue Story' Has Been Wrongfully Pulled From Two Large Cinema Chains

November 25, 2019

Blue Story, Rapman's much-anticipated directorial film debut, hit cinemas last week, but now two large cinema chains have banned the film from their screens.

On Saturday night, a brawl involving 100 teens, at least one armed with a machete, in the foyer area of Star City cinema in Birmingham (owned by Vue) has caused Vue and Showcase to withdraw the film from all of their venues.

Understandably, people are not happy about it and many feel that the film, which was released to promote anti-knife crime and violence, had nothing to do with the brawl (Frozen 2 was apparently showing at the time), with many claiming these decisions are simply down to racism.

West Midlands Police have since released a statement regarding the brawl, stating they are "not jumping to any conclusions" or formally connecting it to the film, Blue Story. Chief Supt Steve Graham has made it clear that police did not ask for the film to be withdrawn and a police spokesperson has said that it wasn't clear whether any of the violence took place inside an actual screening of the film.

Many public figures in the UK scene have been very vocal about their feelings. Rapper Ramz tweeted "Let a black king win for once!", while another industry figure described it as "a decision marinated in racism".

Regardless of what has happened, make sure you support Blue Story in any of the other cinemas showing the film.