Black Junglist Alliance Platform Launched To Support Black Creatives In The Scene

Black Junglist Alliance Platform Launched To Support Black Creatives In The Scene

August 06, 2020

Black Junglist Alliance is a new collective has been launched this week to give support to Black creatives working in jungle and drum & bass. Crucially, what sets this initiative apart is that it's not just for DJs, producers and artists, but people working in all areas of the scene, including sound engineers, writers, and session musicians.

The group was founded by Inperspective Records boss Chris Walton with graphic designer Caldey Muffett, illustrator Neil Stevens and Charlotte Toney and will also include a new platform called BJATV where they'll host and promote new music.

Chris Walton explained that the collective was formed "because the picture out there isn't correct and isn't inline with what music is being made in regards to the YouTube channels that are currently presenting jungle and drum & bass. That picture needs to be changed and the Black Junglist Alliance TV can help change that."

Caldey Muffett said: "Many other genres of music have an online platform that solely reflects their community through culture, experience and knowledge e.g. SBTV or UKG. It's about time we had a channel that reflects and connects our history in jungle with the next generations to keep telling *our own* story."

Neil Stevens said: "I'm looking forward to curating a platform that seeks to confirm the contribution of Black people to this music and the scene we all love. We're here to highlight the legacy, the heroes and heroines, and the future contributors to this music from an unashamedly Afrocentric perspective."

Charlotte Toney added: "There's this rhetoric that new up and coming Black and cultural talent is some sort of mythical creature, a Pegasus not based in reality. A legend 'nowhere to be found! There is plenty of Black and cultural talent across all of the industry out there. Be it DJs, producers, vocalists, lyricists, sound engineers and much more besides that. So we're building a platform where there will be plenty of Black and cultural artists present, for all to witness. We need to see and be seen within jungle and drum & bass now, as I saw myself when I looked to it 22 years ago."

Artists, labels and producers are encouraged to submit their music to the platform here.

Words: James Keith