Black Bandcamp Has Rebranded As Black Artist Database

Black Bandcamp Has Rebranded As Black Artist Database

May 20, 2021

Last year, in solidarity with the groundswell of international support for Black Lives Matter protests taking place across the world, the music and media industries went dark under the #BlackOutTuesday banner and many pledged to make changes, dismantle barriers for Black creatives and generally come together to make their overlapping industries fairer.

While some questioned the effectiveness of going quiet, one of the most vital things to come out of that day was Black Bandcamp, a crowd-sourced database of Black-owned record labels, artists, producers and bands. What started as a spreadsheet has since grown immeasurably and this month they've rebranded to become the Black Artist Database, aka B.A.D.

The new platform provides direct links to Bandcamp and individual website profiles of artists and creatives from across the planet. Not only that, but B.A.D has also announced the [pause] initiative, which offers support and resources for fledgling businesses in the music industry to promote equitable workspaces.

In addition, the platform is now also running editorial and even hosts its own mix series. Through the mixed media series 'Voices' they've also been sharing stories from Ifeoluwa, DJ Paulette, Russell E.L. Butler, Chris Inperspective, and Eddinton Again.

To submit links or just find more info about the Black Artist Database, aka B.A.D, click here. And find out more about the [pause] initiative, head here.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Thomas Murray