Bklava Plays With Soulful, Garage-Driven Soundscapes On 'Autonomy' EP

Bklava Plays With Soulful, Garage-Driven Soundscapes On 'Autonomy' EP

July 30, 2021

Brighton-born, Irish-Lebanese DJ and producer Bklava made a stellar debut with her self-titled EP back in 2020. Showing no signs of slowing down, she continues to rise to the top of the food chain with another infectious, groove-ridden project titled Autonomy.

Brimming with exhilarating 2-step rhythms, as well as elements of house and UK funky, Bklava floats over the production with her soulful melodies and sultry vocals, but doesn't hesitate when touching on personal subject matters. Offering more than just good vibes, she touches on topics like mental health, harassment, the freedom that comes with leaving a toxic relationship, as well as self-love and spirituality.

Speaking on Autonomy, Bklava shares: "Autonomy looks back on my growth and journey to independence in society as a modern-day woman. Each song focuses on an issue I care deeply about and has allowed me to learn more about myself, and the importance of living my life as authentically as possible."

Bklava is one of the many voices from the dance community who continue to champion the safety of women. Alongside her music she's also teamed up with Keep Hush's Merch Service to release t-shirts designed by Leah Money for the people of Beirut. All proceeds go to Impact Lebanon and Lebanon Food Bank, which you can learn more about here. While you do, get lost in Autonomy below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Vicky Grout